Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Break From The Norm - Occult Jewelry And Tools

A small dragon charm I'd like to cast from silver with two pieces of banded amethyst. The long tube protruding from it's neck is the sprue tube, it would be cut off on a finished piece.

I have a bunch of stuff for making jewelry. I have 50 or 60 wax patterns, mostly for rings, I also have this mold making compound called 'Cold Mold - Platinum Cure Silicon Mold Putty', which should be pretty fun to play with. I've never even heard of the stuff, but I cant wait to change that. I have a small selection of hand tools for this task as well, but not much. I know nothing of making jewelry, so I have some reading to do. I do want to try my hand at a piece of jewelry or two. The small dragon in the pic wouldn't be jewelry, but more of just a small charm, knick-knack, or whatever you want to call it. I want to cast the dragon in silver and mount amethyst on it somewhere. In the pic you see I have two pieces on it, I'm not sure that Ill use both of those, or even if I'll use those actual pieces. I may buy a piece of better amethyst since what you see in the pics is banded amethyst.

Another aspect of this type of work that appeals to me is to make stuff for my wife and for the local 'magic' market. My wife is a practicing witch, well, she practices sometimes. What I feel about that is immaterial, it makes her happy, therefore it makes me happy. But I would like to make some of her implements that she uses, and has so far had to buy. One is a wand. Yes, people buy magic wands lol. There are procedures, very detailed, very old, procedures, that describe how to go about making a wand and how to imbue it with the right kind of energy that it needs in order to be effective. I think to dismiss these things as nonsense shows a fundamental lack of appreciation for the huge hole we have in our understanding of energy and it's relation to matter. After all, when you get to an atomic level the line between matter and energy is not at all a solid line. Laugh if you want, but the fact of the matter is you don't know and neither do I, nobody does. So, I'd like to make her a wand and do it right, ie harvest the right kind of wood at the right time of year/month/day, then see if she notices any difference in it's energy when she handles it during her rituals.

Anyway, that's your warning that I may depart from my usual type of project every now and then to mess around with this other stuff. There is also a market for these type things that I would love to tap.

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