Friday, June 13, 2014

I Couldn't Resist

Oobajeeba, if you're out there--check him out!
For most of you who have no idea wtf is up with the mask wearing bat, he is the OSGP's mascot. He is yet to  be named, but it's coming, I can feel it. He was created as a half joke kinda of thing by someone in irc specifically to be the OSGP mascot, yet not entirely serious, as I said. Due to it's cuteness and overall likability I have continued to use it. There is a bit more behind it being a bat rockin' a lone ranger mask, but that's not the kind of shit you try to explain to people who weren't there. I'm afraid if you don't already know all the back stories involved, you never will.

Well, I couldn't stop messing with it, so it's definitely not awesome now lol, but it's not complete shit, either(see below-I wish I had left out the red eyes). If it all gets to be too much to bear, acetone makes fairly quick work of that cheap paint and marker ink. Though I don't see that happening. Looking at the pic it looks like I had ideas of giving him a mouth, but nope. I didn't even notice said suggested mouth until I saw the pic lol.


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