Wednesday, June 11, 2014

OSGP - Burner Valve

Ive changed my entire direction yet again. Thats how it goes when you have no clear plan from the beginning. Its how I like to build stuff, though. Now I've decided to mount the entire thing low on the grill body since mounting on my newly created control panel will have the burner much too high. After I mount everything Ill be able to test and see how it heats and kinda make sure everything is going to work out. Once it does work out, I can mount a servo on the knob and then control that with a regular potentiometer, Ive played with that code many times and it works well and easily. 

Here's some pics of the valve.

Here's the standoff I attached, which broke the thin aluminum ear that I attached it to.

A rubber band and a washer hold the standoff straight until everything is dry.

Thoroughly goobered up with JB-Weld it's left to set and cure.

The finished standoff stud, dry, straight and ready for duty. Gotta love JB-Weld


It broke again(the tab where I added the standoff stud), so I decided to try the JB-Weld SteelStik which I've had for months and have yet to use, in fact, I really don't know what to expect because I had never used this stuff period. Well, after using it, I can say it's great. Its sets up hard very very quick. The package says the work time is 3-5 minutes. That sounds about right, I had to throw away a couple big pieces that were straight up hard and dry before I got done shaping it up and applying it. I put enough to cover both faces of the tab and added a nut to give the putty something to lock on to. I've pulled and pried pretty hard on the stud just to see how well it's attached, and it's on there this time. It sands really nice and smooth easily, too. I like this SteelStik stuff!

I give up if it breaks off again.

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