Friday, May 23, 2014

Shoring Block

I hit another stopping point with my so-called shoring block. Putting together rigid setups, especially using the milling attachment, is not easy to do. Its my opinion that much of the problem is the crazy overhang of the milling attachment off the top of the cross slide. The shoring block, as Ive decided to name it, just slides under and, hopefully, provides some support. You can see the finishes on the block are absolute shit. Im really hoping that I can get a bit more rigidity from these setups and start milling some better looking pieces.
You can see there is absolutely nothing under the milling attachment.

Here you can see how the shoring block just fits underneath the milling attachment and is milled to fit on the way prism the notches on the cross slide.

Here she is. Not quite done, but does atleast lay under there for some support.

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